Hydroponics systems can be an excellent way to become an indoor gardener.  If you’ve ever found yourself sick of spending hours digging, pulling weeds, and getting rid of various garden pests, perhaps it’s time to look into hydroponics systems. This innovative gardening method has been a valued technique for centuries. Now you can take advantage of it in your own home.

Hydroponics systems are unique in that they let you to grow anything you want, from flowers to food, all without the use of soil. Instead, the roots are dipped in a highly nutritious solution that gives the plant everything it needs to flourish. You can also find solutions that increase the growth rate or act as fertilizer. Some growers, depending on the type of plant, may opt to use mediums other than soil to keep the plant standing upright.  These can include sand, clay pellets, bark, gravel, and other things. While it may seem that hydroponics systems are very modern, hydroponics is actually a centuries old tradition that we are just now only learning just how beneficial it can be.

There are a great many different types of hydroponics systems. The most common ones involve putting seedlings in containers of standing water solution. These can be anything from glass jars to specialized vats. Other methods include keeping the roots in a solution of running water or lightly misting the plants, allowing them to absorb nutrients through their leaves.

There are many advantages to using hydroponics systems. Along with not having to deal with dirt or garden pests, you can also grow your plants indoors year round, regardless of the weather. This is through the miracle of grow lights, which can provide as much heat and light as the sun. Air fluctuating units are also important for a number of reasons.  The combined heat of the lamps and the constant source of water creates a very humid environment that needs to be controlled so as to avoid mold and various pests.  Churning the air also allows the plants to convert carbon monoxide into oxygen more efficiently.

Along with keeping the surroundings comfortable, you should also regularly check the pH levels of your plants. Fortunately, you can find testing strips and acidity balancers online for affordable prices to make sure that your plants are always at the perfect level.

While tending your hydroponics systems may seem like a lot of work, the results can be tremendous, and the joy of having year round harvests will quickly overcome the sweat put into setting up your system.

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