Are you having issues with your hydroponic grow system? If so, we have some tips on getting the most out of your hydroponic grow system. While these gardens have many benefits, they are also very delicate and do not react well to change, whether it’s due to a mistake or other issues. Here are a couple ideas on how to create the perfect hydroponic grow system.

When it comes to establishing a hydroponic grow system, you might not always get it right the first time. If this happens to you, you’re not alone. However, many of the issues that wipe out so many hydroponic gardens can be prevented with careful planning and research.

For example, a hydroponic grow system can be wiped out due to an overabundance of dampness. While this may not seem like a big issue initially, dampness is actually quite dangerous for plants that do not have waxy leaves to keep out excess moisture. Humidity can result in plants wilting or rotting. This warm, moist area is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can be disastrous for both you and your plants.

What causes dampness in a hydroponic grow system? In most cases, it’s the combination of the heat from your grow lights and standing water. In cases such as this, you can prevent your plants from suffering by putting in a high quality fan. A dehumidifier can also work wonders. This circulates the oxygen, which lowers the temperature to better levels and aids the plants in converting the carbon monoxide into oxygen. You can also prevent humidity by switching your lights. For example, high density lights will usually give off a lot of heat, while fluorescent lights will not.

Another common issue with a hydroponic grow system is the issue of nutrients for the plants. Investing in low quality nutrients will often cause your plants to under-perform, which can result in smaller produce, duller flowers, and even withering and yellowing leaves. Similarly, feeding the plants too much or too little, even of the high quality nutrients, can result in poor harvests.

You can typically prevent this simply by doing your research before making your selection. Find out which plant nutrient solutions are the best for your crop and learn exactly how much they will need each day. Adhere to a strict feeding schedule as well. Doing so will immensely help in keeping your plants healthy and vibrant.

These are only a couple ideas when it comes to putting together a high quality hydroponic grow system. Learn more today about how to keep your plants thriving even through the worst of times.

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