Are you a Hispanic? Whether you are a Hispanic or have Hispanic origin you can get Hispanic scholarships to aid your college education. Most Hispanic children wish to attend college and get a degree. But the tuition rates are continuously increasing. The college expenses are difficult to meet. Not many Hispanic students are aware of the special Hispanic Scholarships. They get student loans which becomes a burden after graduation.

If you are a Hispanic who is enrolled in school and wish to continue with your education. Then there are many Hispanic scholarships available to you. They are mostly awarded to the needy students who have demonstrated good academic records in the past. The companies, organizations and colleges offer these scholarships to Hispanics to increase the diversity in student population. This is why your chances of getting Hispanic scholarships increases when you are in the field of science, technology, math, engineering or other such field where the representation of Hispanics is very less.

Majority of the scholarships to undergrads are available once they complete the freshman year. This is just to be sure that the aspiring students can and will continue their education to become a graduate. The organizations want their money to go to the right candidates.

A few of the Hispanic scholarships which are available to students who are pursuing their education in special fields are: Hispanic Scholarships awarded by Google to the students who are enrolled full time in Master’s or PhD in Comp. Science or computer engineering. The students require a min of 3.5 GPA and also show that they are in need of financial aid. The student has to be a US citizen or Permanent resident. The scholarship award is $5000 and a paid trip to Google Headquarters in CA. For those pursuing a degree in pharmacy can apply for Costco’s Hispanic Scholarship. The student with 3.0 or above GPA and willing to work for Costco for a year gets individual scholarship of $9500.

Then for those in media related careers can apply for McNamara Family Foundation scholarship anywhere from $5000 to $20000. The scholarship is given to students with GPA of 3.0 or more and has completed 12 credits from accredited university. Other requirements are similar to Google.

Then there are other corporate giants like GM, MasterCard, Wachovia, CNN, Time Warner and others who fund for other Hispanic scholarships. There are deadlines and requirements for each scholarship, so you need to be aware of the requirements ad submit the application on time.

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