There were times in olden days when women cursed themselves for being born as a female. They were deprived even of basic education, they could totally forget about the male dominated fields. Then as time passed they fought for their rights and slowly started educating themselves. Still they were deprived of entering many fields. It’s not very long ago when the only jobs considered ideal for women were teachers and nurses. Now we are in 21st century. Women have all the rights they deserve. It will not be wrong to say that being a woman is now a privilege. An example of it is the Scholarships especially for women  (and the scholarships for mothers). Who may have thought in the past that being a woman could get you scholarship?

There are many different scholarships for women who wish to pursue college education, especially in the fields of study like math, engineering, medicine and other such specialies where women are underrepresented. Many colleges and non-profit organizations support the cause to encourage women to pursue education in the male dominated areas.

Colleges like diversified student population. But there is an imbalance when it comes to gender representation. So universities give special grants to women students. The Ford foundation’s Pre-Doctoral Fellowship for minorities do have special scholarships for women. Then The National Physical Science Consortum offers grants as well as scholarships to women who pursue degree in math or science. You can take benefits of all of this.

When you are looking for scholarships for women you can start your search from women colleges. It may not sound very attractive but they say “people do anything for money”. So why not go to women’s college to save some money. The Agnes Scott College in Atlanta has many different grants and scholarships for women.

For women who cannot afford to pay college fees, there are special funds even for them. The scholarships are awarded to females to help them get their degree. The Jeanette Rankin Foundation gives scholarships to women over 35 years of age who plan to go back to school. This and a few other scholarships as well are especially for single moms who want to go back to school.

 Most single moms cannot manage to pay for their colleges because they have children to feed. The scholarships they get pays for their education and they can use it to move further I career and earn better. Now is the time to take advantage of being a female and get the special Scholarships for women.

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