Numerology not only points out the inherent traits of a person, but also the challenges that a person may encounter in their lifetime. A challenge is seen as a weak point that is present within the LifePath. Challenges must be overcome in order for an individual to develop and grow in a proper fashion.

According to numerology there are three challenges that are present within one’s life path. There is one main challenge and two sub-challenges. Each challenge is naturally represented by a number.

Determining Challenges

In order to determine those challenges, the month, day and year of one’s birth date are used. The first step is to reduce each of those elements to a single digit. So, for example, if you were born on November 15, 1969 then this would become month 2 (1+1), day 6 (1+5), and year 7 (1+9+6+9= 25; 2+5=7)

In this case the first sub challenge would be calculated by determining the difference between the month and the day of birth. So, the first sub challenge in this example would be 6-2=4.

The second sub challenge is derived by locating the difference between the day of birth and the year of birth. In our example this would be 7-6, which would be 1.

The main challenge is found by locating the difference between the first and second sub challenge. In our example, this would be 4-1, which would be 3.

The numbers that are represented by challenges could be a potential problem during half of a person’s life. The first sub challenge would typically be present during the first half of the person’s life while the second sub challenge would be present during the second half of the life. The final or main challenge could be a problem throughout the person’s entire life.

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