Even with the coming of several types of new synthetic fibers, cotton continues to hold its own due to the many benefits it brings.

Likewise, when it comes to ropes, cotton rope is still a strong contender despite the competition of new types of ropes, such as nylon rope, as well as competition from old traditional rope, such as hemp rope.

Cotton rope is very popular in some applications, in . For example, in hammocks.

Hammocks are very common in warm weather. They are synonym of comfort and rest. When people think of hammocks, they never picture them in a house in the city. It’s always next to the sea, with a cocktail drink nearby, the sound of gulls and the waves breaking against the beach and specially, not a worry in the world. While this stereotype is somewhat valid, hammocks can also be used in other environments for comfort. It is certainly quite restful to take a nap in one of them in a sunny afternoon. You can also enjoy the rest while reading a good book

While there are polyester rope hammocks, cotton rope hammocks are preferred over them. First of all, cotton rope hammocks are the most comfortable hammocks there are, beating easily any other type of hammock in the market. That is because cotton is both soft and somewhat elastic. In addition, cotton rope hammocks are natural. Therefore, they won’t pollute the environment when they’ve reached the end of their useful life.

Cotton rope hammocks are also comfortable because cotton “breathes,” which means that it lets air go trough. That way, it lets both the air come to us and our perspiration to escape. Other types of hammocks don’t have this property, which means that they won’t let our skin perspire as well and we’ll end up sweaty. In addition, this makes it uncomfortable for the next person that uses the hammock.

Another quality of cotton rope is that it’s resistant enough to hold a person, yet it isn’t entangling and it pulls apart rather easily, which means that your dogs or children can get free of them if they accidentally trap themselves in a cotton rope hammock.

Lastly, cotton is very light. Therefore, cotton rope hammocks are easy to carry around and install in places temporally. That way, that space becomes available for use again once the hammock is removed.

So, even if you don’t live by the sea, as long as you have a nice yard where it’s nice in the summer, consider getting yourself one of these hammocks. They’re not really expensive and you’ll be treating yourself.

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