Lawn aeration is a technique that can be critical to having a healthy lawn and yet is something that many people overlook. Often many people think that the problems they are having with their lawns are due to problems with weeds or insects or even watering too little or too much. It is likely that this is not the case. Often, lawn aeration can quickly and easily take care of lawn problems.

Almost all lawns can benefit from lawn aeration. The main difference between many lawns is the number of times that it needs to be aerated each season. Lawn aeration involves puncturing holes into the dirt so that the roots have a good chance of receiving important water and sunlight. when people live in an area where sandy dirt is prevalent then there is a good chance that they will not need lawn aeration as much as people would who may live in an area where the dirt contains a lot of clay. Still, even sandy dirt may benefit from lawn aeration and should be aerated about once a season or so.

When the dirt where people live is heavily compacted then the grass could most likely benefit from lawn aeration more frequently. In areas where the dirt is comprised of heavy clay and/or where the dirt is heavily compacted, it may be beneficial to aerate the dirt several times per season.

Lawn aeration can provide people with lots of benefits. some of the primary benefits involved in lawn aeration is the fact that it makes it hard for weeds to choke out the grass. If you have noticed that you have severe problems with weeds that you have not been able to get under control then using lawn aeration may be able to help.

There are different tools that can be used for lawn aeration. some of the most well known types of lawn aeration tools involve the use of a particular type of shoe with spikes on the bottom. Although these are popular forms of lawn aeration tools and they might seem fun to use, they do not perform the same level of effectiveness as a lawn aerator tool. These tools can be purchased or rented at most home improvement stores. when you need to aerate your grass on a frequent basis then it may be a more economical move to consider going ahead and purchasing a lawn aerator than renting one every time that you need it.

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