No matter how beautiful the buildings we live in are, we always feel they are incomplete without some touch of nature. In fact, the most beautiful houses and buildidngs are the ones which have tons of nature with them. And of course, while we try to add some nature to our houses, wealthy people do it the other way around, they just build their big houses in the middle of a big green field, forest or next to the beach.

When planting flowers or shrubs or even trees, you need to match the plants with the weather of the area you live in, not the other way around. While this may sound like good common sense that anyone would use, it’s forgotten more often than you’d think, mainly because people base their decisions only on how the plant looks. Of course, this leads to disappointment when the plant dies, even after they took care of it.

If you live in an area where rain is not common, or water is scarce as it is, you can still enjoy some plants in your garden. In those cases, drought resistant perennials are a good idea, specially if you’re the type that tends to forget to water your plants.

In case you don’t know, perennial plants are plants that live for at least two years, although most people use the term to refer to any long living plant. Drought resistant perennials are plants that need much less water than the average, although they will still die without any water at all.

In addition, you should get familiar with the average temperature, hours of sunlight in winter and summer and lowest temperature in winter before you make your purchase. Always ask questions about the resistance and special conditions of the drought resistant perennials you want before buying them. Also, be aware that drought resistant perennials won’t be as showy and flashy as annuals, but on the other hand, you won’t have to replant your whole garden each spring.

Usually, the most famous drought resistant perennials are the flowering kind. Because taste in flowers is subjective, it’s difficult to recommend drought resistant perennials that will appeal to everybody. Nevertheless, here are some example of low maintenance drought resistant perennials that look great: Autumn Joy, Coronation Gold, Purple Coneflower, Tall Bearded Iris, Lavender and Rosemary.

However, gardens aren’t made of only flowers. If you want to complement your flowers, Silver Artemisias and Common Sage are non flowering drought resistant perennials that will set that green background for your flowers, and they smell great too.

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