In large urbanized cities like Los Angeles, arming yourself with martial arts techniques is simply common sense. Think of it as an untold requirement for survival. Informally pinned as the Gang Capital of Nation, it is not surprising that many people aren’t taking any risk of assault by enrolling themselves in Krav MagaLos Angeles.

This Israeli hand-to-hand combat technique was designed by Imre Lichtenfeld in the 1930’s with the intention of protecting Jews from the Nazi army. The same person brought the fighting system to American soil and since then it has been gaining incredible popularity across the country. In Los Angeles alone, 3,000 people are enrolled in Krav Maga classes and most of them aren’t necessarily Jewish. But Jewish or not, the art of Krav Maga has done one thing right: it has empowered its students.

The mixture of calculated jabs and kicks gives students a sense of confidence to take on the world. Applying the skills in true-to-life situational exercises enhances students’ awareness of the environment and develops quick reflexes to give an immediate and appropriate response to any attack. Krav Maga is not just about throwing hit after hit, it’s about throwing hits that do vital damage. The groin is a favorite target area as featured in an episode of the Simpsons where a girl constantly aimed for Bart’s groin inflicting undeniable pain. Good instinct plays a make-or-break role in Krav Maga. You are trained to think clearly and quickly to device the most efficient strategy for a specific scenario.

Krav Maga (Los Angeles) classes are most always full. Out of about 180 training centers in America the largest one, Krav Maga National Training Center, is located in Los Angeles and caters to approximately 2,000 students. Training sessions begin with a series of drills including jogging and sparring.

In sunny Los Angeles getting in shape is pre-programmed in everybody’s schedules. Not only does Krav Maga teach you how to defend yourself against sudden attackers, but it also helps you tone those muscles. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout, and instructors assign you an appropriate regimen based on your level of adeptness. The techniques are very easy to follow and in a few months time you’ll find yourself expertly dodging attacks and producing sidesplitting strikes to challengers.

To both Jewish and non-Jewish people in Los Angeles Krav Maga has been a way of appreciating Israeli culture. After all, Krav Maga was never meant to endorse violence. Some even prefer to concentrate on escaping rather than retaliating.

Krav Maga Los Angeles has gained followers in the state and others such as New York and Texas.  Check out this highly rated Houston Krav Magna studio if you are in the area. Be it in staying in shape or staying safe, Krav Maga will always find ways to suit your needs.


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