Unlike most martial arts practices, Krav Maga does not prescribe a standardized uniform. Different gyms clad their students in different designs but they all have one thing in common—belts. Krav Maga belts signify each level of its unique ranking system.

As with all martial arts, newbies begin with white Krav Maga belts. White belters are enrolled in boot camp training where they develop their endurance and build up on strength and speed to cope with the more rigorous techniques in higher rankings. Through their yellow belt days, they will be taught easier techniques such as straight punches, roundhouse kicks and etc.

More difficult moves are introduced in orange belts. At this level you are already acquainted with most of the punches, kicks, stances and several of the blocking and ground fighting techniques. Green follows and marks the beginning of intermediate training. Head strikes are first taught at this level.

Advanced training sets off with the blue belt. Everything from this point on will be the hardest of your Krav Maga training process. At this point, you’ve immensely improved your strength and heightened your senses and ability to respond to stimuli. Tackles and takedowns are taught at this level. More complicated ground fighting techniques such as guillotine are also introduced. Brown belt comes afterwards.

Black belt is the highest level of attainment for all Krav Maga practitioners. From here on, whoever practices it can train further to get their certifications to become Krav Maga instructors. It can take years to reach this level, but sure enough when you’ve come this far you’ll be one of the most feared fighters. Because of the intensity of the training and the responsibility that comes along with such power, promotions to black belts are most of the time reserved for instructors, police and military officers.

To go up one belt higher, the easiest tip would be to practice hard. Play up different techniques, experiment which matches and see how they fare in real life situations. It also helps to pick a great sparring partner so that every practice will pose a challenge for you to become better. Proper diet and exercise also plays an important part. You will have to build up your strength and speed; otherwise you won’t be cut out for the more complex movements.

Every Krav Maga belt is a trophy to anyone who bears it. It defines who they are as fighters and defenders. It is a marker of their courage. Continue to be the best Krav Maga practitioner and watch yourself go all the way up.



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