There are currently numerous VoIP services out in the market today – all of them providing smaller rates compared to regular phone lines. However, the quality of service for each VoIP provider usually differs, making it important to review choices before actually committing to one VoIP company.

Right now, VoIPBuster is pretty popular in the market, but how actually does it rate compared to others?

The service requires an internet speed of more than 64kbps. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of VoIPBuster – its strong reliance on the speed of the internet. Should the connection start to slow down so will the VoIP service, making it greatly inconvenient for users who need fast, clear and reliable calling ability. Hence, those who have dial-up connections will have to understand that service from this provider would not be satisfactory. The only upside of this system is that calling from one VoIP Buster user to another is available absolutely for free. Worldwide calls are also possible although the provider is not equipped with 911 services.

The VoIP Buster may be availed online through simple download of the software. It also comes with a username and password for security purposes. Unfortunately, this VoIP system is pretty low when it comes to features. Some of the most crucial characteristics ordinarily found in other systems are sadly lacking from Buster, making it a bad choice for businessmen who are entertaining clients. For example, basics like Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Return and Caller ID are glaringly absent.

How does VoIPBuster compare with others?

Buster’s biggest advantage is the fact that it’s remarkably cheaper than other VoIP systems. Unfortunately, when it comes to the service side of things – this provider is at a disadvantage.

This is especially true if the intended user is a businessman or even a homeowner who has many contacts internationally or even countrywide. The VoIP service would prevent them from enjoying the full capabilities of VoIP, not to mention lose a few clients during the process.

For comparison sake, there are VoIP providers that offer unlimited international calling for a flat rate of around $60.00 per month. Compared to other plans – this is already incredibly cheap and compared to the VoIPBuster service – incredibly better. Although the calls are also dependent on the presence of an internet connection, it does not rely too much on the speed, making it possible to receive or make calls even with a limited service. As for nationwide calls, some VoIP services charge as low as $21.00 per month for unlimited calls within USA including Canada.

What’s the verdict?

All in all, the VoIP Buster is good but not good enough. Its low number of features not to mention high internet speed requirements makes it a bad choice even for homeowners. This goes double for companies and business owners especially since they need fast communication choices to be easily accessible to clients and subordinates.

For those who are thinking about getting VoIP service, then it might be best to settle for flat rate fees with excellent service rather than an unsure one. Make sure to read reviews and rates before committing.

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