Thinking of signing up for VoIP service? With voice over internet protocol currently being the most used communication service worldwide, it isn’t surprising that the business and private sector have signed up for VoIP. For the same reason, various communication companies have also started their own VoIP service one of them being Smart.

Smart’s VoIP Plans

Smart VoIP services cover international and countrywide calls. They charge through a per-minute basis which could be as low as .5 cents every 60 seconds. At this low a price, a lot of people are definitely signing up for the Smart Voice over Internet Protocol Service. For this type of service, subscribers only need to download a certain type of software and can instantly utilize the VoIP service of smart using PC hardware. Since the charges are done through a per-minute basis, users of the service would need to purchase credits online before calling someone.

Smart also has a phone to phone service that allows individuals to make calls through regular phone lines while maintaining the same cheap price. Like regular calls, individuals would simply have to type the phone and destination number of the person they are calling and immediately be connected. Payment for transactions like this are usually settled via Smart’s VoIP account. Being a well-known mobile network provider, Smart also supports Nokia phones with the LowCaller feature that is still part of their VoIP package.

Is Smart VoIP the Best in the Market?

With its many features, Smart VoIP is definitely a contender in the VoIP industry – but not the best. For example, their per-minute charging system can be easily topped by a device that offers unlimited calls worldwide. There are currently VoIP providers today that feature a USB phone which can be connected to any PC with an internet connection. Using this hardware, a caller can contact anyone at any place – regardless of where he or she is situated at that time. USB phones may also be used during flight – making it ideal for travelers or businessmen who frequently have to transfer from one plane to another.

Charges for this type of service are fixed at around $60.00 plus a one-time payment for the hardware which is made to be light and durable. Compared to Smart that necessitates purchase of credits online, this type of system is incredibly better and would show cheaper rates but better quality when computed all in all. Set-up fees are non-existent due to the ease of installation of the product.

When it comes right down to it, Smart VoIP is a possible choice but not the best. There are definitely more VoIP service providers that give better service not to mention better rates than Smart and it is important to check them all out before committing.

Suggestively, those who are looking for a VoIP service to sign up to should start reading reviews about companies as well as comparing rates and the features included in the said plans. This would allow them to arrive at a more accurate conclusion, ensuring the best possible service.

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