With more and more individuals and businesses signing up for VoIP, it isn’t surprising that Google also jumped in the bandwagon with its own version: The Google Talk. At first glance, the Google VoIP looks like a simple and very easy to use system that allows individuals to communicate even with thousands of miles of land and sea between them. However, the fact that Google Talk is not a full-fledged VoIP system, the features are fairly limited.

So what exactly does Google’s VoIP have to offer and how does it compare to others?

First of all, Google is primarily used for PC to PC connections and PC to phone calls. The system functions once the necessary software is downloaded and installed in the system. In order for it to work, a functioning microphone and headset must be present on the user.

Even with their limited features, Google is currently being used by a wide range of companies for the fact that they charge a smaller rate for international calls – perhaps having the lowest there is. Like most, they charge users via a credit method which can be purchased online. Initially, users get complimentary credits to help them get started as well as quality of service of Google VoIP. After that, further credits may be bought.

In comparison, there are full-fledged VoIP providers that come up as a better alternative than Google’s credit-system phone calls. One of these includes unlimited calls worldwide by simply attaching a USB phone to an internet-connected laptop or desktop. With Google being ideal for individuals situated in a specific area, USB phones are ideal for those who love to travel or are dealing with international companies.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Google is the best when it comes to countrywide calls since there are still services which can offer better – unlimited calls within USA while paying a fixed rate per month. This type of VoIP service is actually preferred by companies since it stabilizes their expense per month and allows them to create a budget that could span years.

Additionally, some of the most basic and important VoIP features offered by competitors are absent from Google VoIP. These include Call Return, 911 Service, Keep your Number, PC to Phone Calling, Virtual Phone Numbers, Caller ID and Call Waiting.

Google’s VoIP Service: What’s the verdict?

All in all, Google provides affordable prices but not enough service. With the number of competitors showing up in the market, it’s easy to bypass Google’s price advantage for the high quality of service provided by others. Hence, those who are thinking about signing up for this VoIP might well be disappointed by the outcome especially with even the most basic features like Call Return may not be availed through this service.

For businessmen, big companies or even homeowners – Google is ideal for basic calls but not equipped for the heavy ones. Instead, read on reviews about other VoIP providers in the market and simply choose one from them. Look for the availability of features as well as unlimited calling – preferably nationwide and international – to make the best out of the service.

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