In truth, there are no dumb New Years resolutions—only unwisely planned ones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, stop your addiction, get more excercise, or even spend more time with your family. Regardless of what you choose, you are improving yourself, and that’s all that matters.

However, it is common for some people to have dumb New Years resolutions in the sense that they make unrealistic goals that can never be attained. Unfortunately, lapsing into this sort of thinking is all too easy this time of year. The New Years ball drops, and suddenly you’re caught up in a rush to change yourself, which results in rash decisions and delusive ideas. Such feelings are not uncommon, however, and once you realize the tendency to have such attitudes, you’ll be able to recognize them and quell these tendencies before they begin.

How can you prevent yourself from making dumb New Years resolutions? It’s easier than it seems. You can prevent the tendency to want to rush into unrealistic goals by thinking about them beforehand. This will give you time to figure out whether or not you’re really capable of having such a goal. It will also allow you to create a plan without getting caught up in the frantic rush of others who make spur of the moment decisions on January 1st.

Making a plan is another great way to prevent dumb New Years resolutions. Along with establishing credibility, it will also greatly increase your chances of keeping your resolutions as the months pass. You can do this by purchasing a progress journal or create a poster listing your goals, deadlines, and different methods. The latter is a particularly good way to record your progress, as it also serves as a blatant visual reminder of both your goals and how far you’ve made it.

Another step in preventing dumb New Years resolutions is to research your goals thoroughly before making any decisions. For example, weight loss isn’t as simple as changing your diet and exercising more. You should research which foods, nutrients, and vitamins help promote a faster metabolism and which exercises benefit you the most. Acquiring literature on how to curb cravings is also a sound idea. You should also be aware of the changes your body will go through as you begin to lose weight. These will put your goals into a starkly realistic context and banish any delusions you may have. Learn more about how to prevent dumb New Years resolutions today!

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