Body language is an integral part of human communication and one that is often overlooked. Understanding body language secrets is important if you truly want to fully comprehend what the other person is attempting to convey.

There are many body language secrets. Knowing what they are is only a part of mastering what a conversation is about. One must also be aware of the context in which they are used.  When talking, there are multiple body language tells to consider.

One body language secret is the crossing of the arms. It can have different meanings when used in various contexts. If it is a heated argument, a person with crossed arms can imply that they disagree. However, a person who crosses his arms when it is windy can simply be feeling cold. Therefore, understanding the situation is a must if you are to have master knowledge of body language secrets.

One of the most important body language secrets to understand is the messages conveyed through eyes. Eye contact is one of the most important parts of a conversation. If the person talking maintains eye contact with the audience, it is a sign of confidence. On the other hand, a lack of eye contact with the audience conveys shyness and a lack of self esteem.

Eye contact from the audience generally indicates an interest in the speaker or what they have to say. An interested audience will often be alert and their eyes will be focused on the person talking. A lack of interest will be reflected with little or no eye contact with the speaker. The audience will also use eye contact to indicate to the speaker their opinions on his ideas. A raised eyebrow can show disagreement. Head nodding with blinking eyes on the other hand, is a sign of total agreement with what is being said.

Observing other body language tells, like hands, posture and facial expressions will help you to better understand the meaning of the conversation. Frequent hand movements by the speaker conveys enthusiasm about the topic. However, constant fidgeting can usually be an indication of nervousness. Speakers who look down and shrug their shoulders while talking are often not very confident. This can be a result of shyness or a poor self esteem.

In order to fully understand a conversation, one must be able to understand all of the intricate body language secrets. Once this is mastered, you will have many more ways to interpret your conversation than simply on what is being said!

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